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We like to invite you to the second installment of our annual hackerspace conference called Newline. It is an excellent opportunity to learn cool stuff, meet people, be creative with technology and drink beer.

This minicon will be held on Friday the 30th and Saturday the 30t of March. There will be an opening party on friday, followed by a day of talks, workshops and an old school hack challenge. Warm food shall be served in the afternoon and cold drinks will be served all day long.

We are a community driven event and are still looking for people who want to contribute. There are open spots in our schedule for talks and workshops. These can be about a wide range of topics,technical or other. If you are interested in giving a talk, please add your proposal here or mail us at newline [at] 0x20 [dot] be. If you know someone that you'd like to give a talk, please forward this invitation to them. All speakers will be given a free Club-Mate!

Don't ask what Whitespace can do for you, ask what you can do for Whitespace.

Send to[edit]

  • Whitespace mailinglist - Abe
  • HSBXL mailinglist - Koen
  • Void Warranties mailinglist - Koen
  • 42 mailinglist - Koen
  • Benelux mailinglist - Koen
  • Open Knowledge Foundation mailinglist - Koen
  • People that send something to Newline [at] 0x20 [dot] be last year and are not regulars of 0x20 - Koen