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This talk will give a high-level overview on the basic principles of processing audio. It will feature some fun examples (programmed in Java) and hopefully inspire you to experiment with audio as well. Is it possible to play the piano on plain table? Can you render a melody by clapping your hands? What are the building blocks of a singstar like program? Are questions to be answered...

About the speaker[edit]

Joren is a Computer Scientist from the West of Flanders. He studied Computer Science at University College Ghent – Faculty Applied Engineering Sciences. In 2008 he graduated with a master’s thesis about recommender systems. After his studies he started at Vooruit Arts Centre to implement a recommender system and to help with IBBT research projects Vooruit was involved in: mainly the DEUS and CUPID projects. Joren kept working for the CUPID project but switched Vooruit for Cultuurnet Vlaanderen as employer in September 2009.

Currently he is working on a Music information retrieval-related research project at University College Ghent – Faculty of Music: Development and Application of MIR Techniques on Contemporary Classical and Ethnic Music .

He also has a diploma of 25m breaststroke.