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Note: this article is about a passed event.

Newline2011/Newline work meeting 03
From 2011/03/16 20:00:00 to 2011/03/16 23:59:59
Attendees (1):
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Next iteration, what is still to be done etc.



  • Newline work meeting 03


Room division[edit]

we go for

  • extra big room: talks
  • decoders: workshops
  • space: hangout and storage in the back

ask for

  • thursday evening
  • till saturday night

to the landlady Koen will ask


  • do we have chairs ordered? We need to check this with Hans
  • we should also order 500W lamps iso 300W (sold-out) - we have a dimmer so should not be a problem
  • we need more garbage cans

Work Division[edit]

Open Q[edit]

  • do we have chairs
  • what is the status of the t-shirts
  • who will take interwebs as a reposibility
  • do we have enough power distributions
  • when can we have the extra rooms? When to return?
    • who is point of contact for decoders? (Hans)

Start collecting presentations?[edit]

  • presentation beforhand
    • we think it will be ok
  • do we have all itenaries?
    • almost
  • Welcome talk?
    • English
    • Fs111 and Sandb
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