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Note: this article is about a passed event.

From 2010/09/23 19:30:00 to 2010/09/23 23:59:59

Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Meeting notes[edit]

new tools and material[edit]

  • Koenraad bought plenty of cool new stuff, thanks Koenraad!
    • please pay him back quickly, he needs his money back
  • Idea: Buy a Dymo label printing thingie
    • instead: sandb organizes write on labels instead, since they are cheaper
  • we need boxes for the tools, if you can donate one, please bring it, else we buy some

Mitch Altman talk[edit]

  • Mitch Altman talk on Monday 20:00 here in 0x20
    • sandb is making a doodle
    • fs111 is doing the blogging stuff, please make some noise as well!

The first citizen of Gent talk[edit]

marketing for whitespace[edit]

  • impy will make posters/flyers to be distributed at neuralgic points
    • go impy!


  • biertie's school computer club (Celia) is organising tech monday.. first time will be on oktober 11. check it out here
    • Where? Kaho Sint-Lieven , Gebroeders Desmetstraat 1
    • Lokaal: E031 (follow the signs)
    • When: 11 oktober 2010 , vanaf 18u30
    • Pieter Colpaert on ‘Free Culture’
    • Kris Buytaert on ‘Linux High Availability’

  • don't make reddit jokes, everybody reads it already
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