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Note: this article is about a passed event.

On 2013/11/14
Presenters (2):
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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«Meeting 132»


Rumor has it, that finances are bad and we need to do something... quick! At this moment, only 50% of the financial team is present. Financial facts are not known atm.

Mimor and Koen will come together on Sunday 14 Nov and spit out the current state of finance. Goal: Find out how much we're falling behind. Where we're losing money on. Prepare possible theoretical solutions. This as preparation to the next meeting on Thursday 21 Nov.


Hooray! We have one new member! Bert C.'s application has been accepted. (He still needs to get a key)

Someone mentioned that following people are interested in becoming member: "Angela, David" Michael stressed he wants to become a member asap. (He already did some cool stuff in the space with LEDs)

Registration procedure currently requires some "buffer" time before people get accepted. We discussed this, and agreed that this is no longer needed. First time visitors can't become members... there is a common-sense-policy on whom we accept. People still need to be present at the meeting when their request gets approved. Unless clear reasons why that's absolutely impossible.

We need a better documented procedure on how people can cancel their membership. eg. give back key, notify finance? people so we no longer need to check payments from them & remove their login from systems.


All the fancy stuff we want:

  • Stock management
  • Keymanager on all our systems (and remove password logins)
  • Member-tracking-system (privacy has to be kept in mind)
  • Smartspace (turn all stuff off when no-one is in the space)

Member-payment-tracking hackday/workshop: Wednesday: between 13:00 en 13:30 Koen, Bart, Thys

Insulation & energy[edit]

Finding free stuff (see previous meeting) is wip.

A rule was proposed to only allow the heating to be turned on when at least 2 people are present in the room. We agreed that we cannot make this a hard-policy. Members are all grown-ups, and we expect them to use their common sense. For people that do not have common sense: Close the door! Do not heat the whole space for a single person! And act as if the cost of what you do comes out of your own bank account.

Space control & electricity[edit]

WIP Koenraad is creating a digital 'map' of the space's net.


Status: Still b0rked!

Problem: The node that ran gatekeeper is in an infinite boot-loop. The Gatekeeper has been connected to audio ( If you log in on audio, you can control the gate by connecting on the serial interface from the cli. Gatekeeper has been cloned from to /opt/gatekeeper. This code does not work as intended. People that know python are welcome to look into this.


Thijs will have 5 extra keys made.


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