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Note: this article is about a passed event.

On 2013/09/26
Presenters (2):
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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«Meeting 130»


  • Electricity-finish-as-a-workshop?
  • project/talks/events?
  • Club mate stock (we'll get some after the meeting)
  • ... (feel free to add more)

Meeting Notes/Report[edit]


- Ask koenraad + plan workshop

Projects & talks & events:

- Mike Sneakers (ask steven)
- Mike caching?
- Theus PCB etching
- Comediannight (november)
- Install 50" screen

Club mate:

- Tuesday 18:00 (gather at space, find people with cars!)

Stuff in the back:

- Spare stuff -> make get-rid-off-list, put it on the mailinglist for considerable time, move it out (othe    r HS?)
- old screens... keep them -> think of cool project (less static walls)

Recruite new members:

- give talks, spread the word (at work, school, your mom?)
- let other organistions use the space to give workshops/talks (free, we get to keep the new members)
- write first-year it-guide/lecture/infothingy. Make the school print & distribute it in their first freshmans' intro pamflet 
(what IT schools have such a booklet?)
- place deaddrops in walls (We should do this when we get a box of free usb sticks from somewhere)


- Someone should plan us visiting the HS'es at Rijsel and Riem

Invite speakers:

- Wiki workshop with/by Jeroen? (invite him)


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