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splitflap stock things

PCB's 1 naked 10 without MCP 5 complete PCB's. 2 are with Alex. an unknown are with Jasper

135 flappers that arent totally jammed. possibly 155, something went wrong with counting
55 flappers that are jammed and look horrible

small electronics:
30M flatcable
2x 60m velleman cable, worthless
some flatcable connectors

2x MCP23S18
3x MCP23018
1x MCP23017 SMD
4x MCP23S17-E/SP
3x MCP23017-E/SP

8x PH416A SMD
2x 23017 11401SE SMD
7x SN74HC03N
7x SN74HC153N
5x SN74HCT74N
10x SN74HC138N
7x SN74HC125N
1x L293 NE
4x SN74HCT00N
2x SN74HCT74N
6x SN74HCT14N
1x SN74HCT112N
4x MM74HC08N
1x CD4016BE
1x SN74LS115AN
2x SN74HC02N
1x SN74HC00N