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Pamela or Pretty Amazing Member Enabled Localization Application is a webpage that visualizes data in a 3d rotating node-cloud. It originated at the Hackerspace Brussels. Check out the page at the HSB wiki for more info on installation and configuration. It was written by Sandb so check with him if you have questions. The widget used on the home page was written by Jeroen De Dauw.

Source on github.

0x20 pamela[edit]

Registering your mac[edit]

Pamela's data in 0x20 is based on mac's translated to names. The translation info is pulled off of the wiki using the keyvalue data from Special:KeyValue, category mac.

You insert your mac by using the Template:Mac template on the wiki somewhere (e.g. your user page). Servers and mac addresses of users that either have no home page or are not migrated to user home pages yet can be found on the Macs page.