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Open Bar
Creating a platform that brings creative minds together.


Since Newline 2012, we have an improvised bar in the space. This brought me to the idea of organizing Open bar events @ the space. The project Open Bar is about improving our bar infrastructure, food&drinks supply and bringing people together.

First things first: Infrastructure[edit]

The Bar[edit]

To organize Open bar events, we need a nice bar. The one we have now, is pretty sweet, but we can do better. For the moment the bar consists of a structure of stacked Club-Mate crates with two wooden plates taped on top. We have designed a plan to make the base-structure in MDF. That way, we do not loose the valuable money the empty crates are worth. Extra advantage of the new design: We can use the room underneath the bar for stock.


Sandb has updated the doorkeeper scripts. From now on, our doorkeeper accepts calls from anyone on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evening. This means, between 7.30pm and 6.00am everyone can call in to open the gate.

Adjusted lighting[edit]

The economic lightbulbs we have now are pretty cool, but don't really give the bar a cosy atmosphere. So we'll have to build something better. Any ideas are welcome

Fridge reorganisation[edit]

We currently have a kick-ass fridge which serves our needs perfectly. We should move the two spare ones so the bar becomes a little more spacious.


The main purpose of our bar is still the steady supply of drinks and comfort food. This is currently on our menu, if you have suggestions, feel free to comment:

Comfort Food[edit]

  • M&Ms (The yellow bags with peanuts)
  • Mars
  • Snickers
  • Chips (Salt, Paprika, Pickles, Ketchup, Buggles & Cheetos)
  • Pizza
  • Magnum (classic & white)
  • Cornetto

Non-Alcoholic Cold Beverages[edit]

  • Club-Mate
  • Club-Mate Ice-Tea
  • Hausmarke Kaffee-Kola
  • Coca-Cola
  • Coca-Cola Zero
  • Lipton Ice-Tea
  • Lipton Ice-Tea Zero
  • Fanta
  • Minute Maid Orange Juice

Non-Alcoholic Warm Beverages[edit]

  • Hot Coco
  • Black Tea
  • Coffee
  • Instant soup

Alcoholic Beverages[edit]

  • Pintje (Jupiler)
  • Duvel
  • Beer of the month