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Note: this article is about a passed meeting.

From 2011/04/07 19:30:00 to 2011/04/07 23:59:59
Attendees (1):
Jeroen De Dauw
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Agenda points

  • GNUCash workshop, april 24th, RevSpace: anyone going; carpool?
  • Out of some omomomz ( => )
  • Space Re-organisation
  • General Assembly
  • Dommel(internet): change to yearly payment
  • Workshop price discussion. Warning: bike-shedding risk
  • iRail, IBBT and City of Ghent Open Data event. Way more:


  • Any ideas for events next month? Workshops/talks/events?


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Meeting notes

Join note taking during the meeting:


  • check out after the workshop if we can use pentago for tracking membership payments
  • we are doing ok, jaroslav presented next
  • Cederic will be next financial guy


  • option to pay for dommel for a year
  • around 300 euro
  • 8 euros cheaper per year
  • agreed!! - we will invest


  • Stock page added by Jaroslav
    • what is needed (you do not need to go to space first)
    • help on the how, how to add expensenotes etc
  • super!!

GNUCash workshop, april 24th[edit]

  • RevSpace: anyone going; carpool?
  • Its easter - not so easy to go for some

General assembly[edit]

  • We need one
  • We will have one
  • On Thursday
  • Formal night, wear ties
  • agenda points:
    • make an agenda on wiki General assembly 2011
    • send out email 3 weeks in advance with agenda
    • Date of assembly: may 5th 2011
  • also put viewpoints on wiki with the questions so people are efficient and prepared
  • going over the patterns to sync -> timeboxed to 30minutes

Space Re-organisation[edit]

  • Related to hardware work thing:
    • Put it in back (noisy dust making)
    • Put event up for moving the stuff around, or just do it, tomorrow evening

New Chairs[edit]

  • new chairs?
  • table like in decoders?
  • we want newline like chairs
  • selling chairs on ebay?
  • stackable... stack-ab-le!!
  • make proposals on chairs on Chair proposals
  • Hans want decent chairs, with soft bottoms!!
  • Money drive for chairs?

Workshop price[edit]

  • Donation of 5 euro or more for non-members per workshop

[ iRail, IBBT and City of Ghent Open Data event][edit]

  • around 14th of may, Saturday
  • Apps for ghent challenge
  • IBBT accomodates
  • Hackaton in the afternoon
    • Team from whitespace
    • which data will be opened?
    • jury not determined
    • app means application, also desktop etc...
  • political aspect: not a political event, not about one party, more than one party present
  • we can organise an after party if we would so like to


  • cheap access for 2 people
  • take part in competition
  • 1000 euro win prize money
  • soonish: May 17-20th
  • pay your own hotel
  • Sandb, Jeroen De Dauw, Hans


  • Plant/Bloemstuk + Whitespace sticker
  • Buy in advance
  • Not delivered yet by Sandb


  • Banner still needed
  • + landing page link

Event flyers[edit]

  • Distro
  • Everywhere you want to dump them (free to print, free to distribute)
  • Add "verantwoordelijke uitgever"

POE switch[edit]

  • Koenraad has one for the space, new one!!
  • Available for use

Wikipedia Event[edit]

  • sponsoring from pocket