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Note: this article is about a passed meeting.

From 2012/05/31 22:00:00 to 2012/05/31 23:59:59

Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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Agenda points

  • DNS name
  • Event list
  • Network

DNS name[edit]

  • Now owned by 0x20!!
  • Paid for a year
  • After a year, do a transfer to and really transfer

Event list[edit]

  • we need moar events
  • fracknight next frackday, sandb will open the space
  • monday "Linux of the bi-week workshop" by Bert
  • thursday meeting
  • ctf capture the flag on kimble
  • possible future porkjets
    • library
    • financial software
    • revbank, Koen will bring back the beagle board, on a beagleboard, maybe something else
  • everybody be on the lookout for more workshops
  • virtual high 5


  • how can we access the modem/adsl/router
    • bridged but has a management ip, look on the wiki
  • work on the network todo:
    • wirless gent
    • quagga dn42
    • spacenet
  • we need to go back to to match with dn42
  • workshop on routing and how to troubleshoot routing will come soon.
  • buying nic for kimball with multiple nic's
    • cedric, sandb are paying
    • people want more wood at the space
  • Koenraad is donating a coffeetable, Biertie will pick it up with a van Nxt Week.


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Meeting notes

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