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Note: this article is about a passed event.

General assembly 2012
From 2012/05/31 19:30:00 to 2012/05/31 21:00:00
Attendees (5):
Cedric, Hans, Mimor, Sandb, Koen
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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This is our second general meeting. A general meeting (algemene vergadering in dutch) is something we need to organize at least once a year, needs to have at least the following three points on the agenda:

  • Approval of the books
  • Approval of the budget for next year
  • Approval of the board
  • Check action point previous year

See also VSDC faq on general assembly (dutch)


  • Dismissal of faded out members
  • Presence and check for 2/3rd
  • A quick review of the hackerspace design patterns (30 min - timeboxed) - see
  • Approval of the books
  • Approval of the budget for next year
  • Renaissance / Rebirth / Restart / Respawn / Reset
    • Election of new board
    • Bylaws
      • Do these still reflect the way we want to run this place?
      • If not, let's adjust them
  • Approval of new memberships to the board
    • Mimor wants to join
    • Sandb wants to leave
  • Problem resolution

General Assembly[edit]

Dismissal of faded out members[edit]

  • No longer members because 1) no longer present and no longer paying membership or 2) explicitly quit but not registered properly
    • impy
    • tom
    • chris
    • roel p.
    • nino
    • pieter c.
    • kurt
    • joost d.
  • will send email to these people

Presence and check for 2/3rd[edit]

  • 16 members
  • 11 present
    • mimor, ha-nsfw, fs111, abe, koenraad, biertie, hala, koen, sandb, tazo, cedric
  • 16 * 2/3 = 10.667, 11 members is 2/3rd majority

Approval of the books[edit]

  • books 2011 approved
  • we are losing money slightly
  • we should look at this
  • 2012 stuff:
  • newline: alcohol disappeared in the evening that seemed unpaid for
  • cedric still has 140 euros for this, still has pay this.

Approval of the budget for next year[edit]

  • we are not planning to spend any amounts on anything but supplies and rent
  • going for restoring the buffer of 6 months
  • any purchases will be funded by donations
  • focus on more members
  • try new stuff that brings money to the space
  • this budget has been approved

Approval of the board[edit]

  • sandb will step down if someone wants to step up
  • jaroslav might want to exit too
  • new blood is good,
    • rotate board members every two years?
  • this means changing to the status
  • mike is candidate; why is mike candidate?
    • no body else;
    • willing to do it;
    • filling the gap
  • cedric is candidate;
    • likes the space
    • is worth his legal signature
    • already on his own board company
  • no objections
  • new board members: Cedric De Vroey and Mike Morraye, alongside with golden oldy Hans Fraiponts
  • exit board members: oldfags Tazo and Sandb

Monitoring of membership[edit]

  • current way is hard
  • make checkpoints every end of term financial guy, for each member who is behind
  • list of members needs to be more clear, wiki page, keyholders
  • lets work on this;
  • present for Ivano, our biggest fan?
  • moar chocolate!!!


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